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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Color by Amber ~ What is it ~ Who makes it ~ Why I love it and Why you should join us!

Color By Amber, you ask yourself what is this? Another jewelry company? No, Color By Amber is not 'just' another jewelry company. It is jewelry with a conscience. Made from up to 40% recycled materials! Artfully crafted interlayers that are sourced in communities all over the world and made by women in a variety of impoverished regions. These artisans are paid a fair wage and our Full Circle Program donates 10 % of it's profits back in to these communities.

The jewelry is made in an award winning zero waste facility right here in the US. Our main material is  Eco-Resin, a polymer made from 40 % recycled materials (like plastic bottles), that is combined with beautiful interlayers, which could be organic materials like grass, feathers, cotton and silk. Or man made from copper wire, fabric or even our old catalogs. Nothing goes to waste!

Here is an example of an interlayer and how it is used in a piece of jewelry:

Courtesy of 3Form
1" Gold Sisal Cuff

Color by Amber is the brain child of Talley Goodson, founder and CEO of 3form the company revolutionized the use of eco-resin in design materials, using it in wall panels, furniture, doors and much more. During one of his travels to source and explore regions for new materials to incorporate in his collections Talley realized that this material and it's concept would lend itself beautifully to create eco-friendly trendy and fashion forward jewelry and he started to assemble a team of designers that could bring his vision to fruition, creating jewelry that was not only beautiful, but also kind to the planet and would empower women all over the word.  

Interlayers are made in many regions of the world, by women artisans that through this work can lift their families and communities out of poverty, get fair wages and the Full Circle Program that was put in place by 3form, will donate back 10 % of it's profits to these communities. 

Interlayers include Woven Cotton from Mexico, Prayer Leaves from China, Reed Grass and Copper Wire from South Africa, Silk from Nepal and Sisal Fiber from Columbia. But that's not all we also use your old jeans, our old catalogs!

If you like to read more about the communities that make these interlayers you can find the details here : Full Circle by Interlayer
And now to why I love it, well first of all the jewelry is really beautiful and it is super affordable. It is stylish, eco-friendly and you can create endless combinations with beautiful cuffs and of course with our skinnies! There are so many just choosing one is impossible!

And hey if you really love it like me, you can be on the forefront of the fashion trend by subscribing to our Color Club! A automatic monthly shipment of a beautiful set of items, priced at $39.95 but with a value of over $80.00 and on top of that everything you order with your Color Club is priced 20 % off regular retail! Here's the Color Club for October, isn't it gorgeous? Just click on the picture and you'll be directed to our website.

Color Club 

And now that you've seen all of this, are you curious on how can be part of this great business? I definitely was when my friend and mentor showed me all of this. I am very skeptic of Direct sales, but this was different, there is tremendous growth, as of now, there are less than 1000 Stylists in the US (not in the thousands like with other companies where you are competing with 80k plus other stylists). The commissions are wonderful and not only is there a commission, you will earn jewelry credits, credits toward your supplies, exceptional training and first and foremost like minded women that support each other and have fun. To be a part of this just go to my website and join us.... 

Your Stylist Kit will contain anything you need to start sharing and building your business, skinnies, cuffs, earrings and necklaces!

Come join us now or just get yourself some eco-friendly, women empowering and gorgeous jewelry with a purpose! 

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