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Friday, May 17, 2019

Give Dad some Pampering for Father's Day!

Need a quick gift for Father's Day and Dad has everything? Dad works hard and his hands are rough, he needs a good long refreshing Shower? Give him the gift of Pampering!

Perfectly Posh just released two new products for the man in your life!

 "Chilly Willie" is a super refreshing body scrub, with the scents of Menthol, Bergamot and Sandalwood, bursts on his skin in the shower and cools after a long day out in the sun or a strenuous workout. A gentle scrub with its Bali Sea Salt gets rid of those dead skin cells and softens rough patches.  Witch Hazel calms the skin and gets rid of impurities and the man of your life comes out of the shower refreshed and squeaky clean!

Now those Hands...Calluses from lots of manual work or lifting weights? Now we know us girls love our hand creams but here's one new just for the man in your life (of course you'll love it too, just like all of our Big Fat Yummy Hand Creams), but this one is industrial strength for the harshest of conditions and the roughest of hands. 

Concentrated Shea Butter from our "Shea Sisterhood Suppliers" sinks into skin and nourishes, Hops, yes you heard that right, it's not only for beer, it soothes and comforts rough and irritated skin, Basil is in it to condition and Birch Sap quenches thirsty skin and nourishes with essential minerals and vitamins. This non greasy formula is made without parabens, skins in super quick to let you get back to work in no time and best of all it's VEGAN.

Both items priced under $20, make an excellent gift for Dad or any other man in your life.  You can find them in my Posh Store .

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