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Saturday, May 4, 2019


As a Disclaimer, I am not the writer of the below Article, it has been written by another rescue. But it applies to us at The Golden Carrot as well. We are not all equal, that's why Donors have to make informed decisions. Ask Questions, do a little digging on the Charity.

For us at The Golden Carrot things are even harder. We don't adopt out, we take in the old, the injured and the unrideable ones, they might have emotional scars or physical ones, when they come to us they stay as long as they are alive. That makes donations so much more important? Will you help us with 


All rescues are not created equal.
There has been a trend, that we've discussed, toward a new model of rescue where the rescue retains some level of control over their adopted horse for a finite period of time and then withdraws it, leaving the adopter free to do whatever they wish with that horse, including breeding it, selling it at auction, sending it to kill because they are angry with it, you name it.
And of course the world is chock full of feedlot rescues where there is no contract at all and the adopter can immediately do whatever they want with the horse. Or there's a contract, but no enforcement, so basically - no contract.
Those of us who are committed to doing things the old fashioned way - a contract that binds the adopter for the life of the horse to providing proper care, not breeding, and returning the horse to the rescue if it does not work out - will now be using the hashtag #SafetyForever so that adopters and donors know where we stand. We are rescues that are committed to doing everything in our power to keep our horses safe for LIFE, not for as long as they are a hot topic on Facebook.
This does not mean that we might not fail sometimes - it means that we promise to make our absolute best efforts to ensure safety. It means we put equine safety above getting an adoption fee or being able to show X number of adoptions. It means we are fine with a horse being with us for years if that is what it takes to find the right person. Or for the rest of their life.
#SafetyForever - a promise we make to our horses, and to you, our donors and supporters. Please share and spread the word!

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