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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Pool Party and Taste Test for Petite-Indulgence Mini Cheesecakes

Hello everyone, so today is the day of the first big public tasting. I made 4 different flavors of mini cheesecakes

Mint with Chocolate Swirls
Pina Colada (Coconut Pineapple)
Double Chocolate with Raspberry

The apartment complex I live in has their big summer pool party today and the managers were kind enough to let me make some of my creations for the party. Which is obviously 

Lets hope I get great feedback and people will come here and write testimonials. I will try and get some video once people try them and will post it on here.

Also, the Petite-Indulgence Mini Cheesecakes will be available coming 08/20 at Cafe Buna in Marina del Rey.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cheesecakes / 3 Flavors tested and approved

Here are pictures of my 3 last flavor tests....

Caramel Frappucino

Plain with Raspberry Coulis n Blueberries

Double Chocolate w Raspberry

if you live in the Marina del Rey area or close to Santa Ana you can order these directly from me. Please email me for sizes, prize and any other questions.