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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

I LOVE Spaghetti Squash, but making it the same way all the time is just kind of boring. Recently I started eating more and more low carb meals, because I eventually want to go full Keto or at least do a Lazy Keto Diet.

Helping with that do my awesome PTK (Pure Therapeutic Ketones) that I drink every day in the morning. You should too, as they curb cravings, keep you off snacking, give you more focus and just make feel awesome. If you want to find out more about PTK's feel free to message me or go to my website

My niece was here from Switzerland so we tried something different with the Squash. Here is the recipe:

1 medium Spaghetti Squash (Cut in half)
1 lb ground beef or turkey/chicken/pork whatever your preference is
1 small onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, diced
Parsley, handfull chopped
Olive Oil or Butter for browning
1 large egg
1 cup grated cheese

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees, sprinkle the Squash with a little bit of olive oil, set on a baking sheet and bake it until it is almost done (around 30 minutes). While the Squash is in the oven, in a large pan, add the olive oil, add the finely chopped onion, cook until translucent, then add the garlic. Let that sweat a little, but make sure it's not too hot, because you don't want to burn your garlic.

Once you smell that delicious garlic aroma, add the ground meat, season with salt, pepper and other spices to your taste. Just at the end add your chopped parsley (if you don't like it, you can leave it out).

Let that mixture cool down, then mix it with the beaten egg and the cheese. Set aside until your Squash is almost done.

Remove the Squash from the oven, and stuff the meat/egg/cheese mixture into the hollow part. Sprinkle with some more cheese and put it back in the oven for another 20 minutes or so until the cheese is melted.

Remove from the oven and serve! You can actually cut this in slices or just in quarters and serve. Makes 4 portions!


PS: if you need a jump start into KETO, join us for our Keto Reboot. I'm glad to answer all your questions about PTK's.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Going Keto? What is Ketosis and how does it work

What is Ketosis?

The first thing we all need to know is that our body naturally has the ability to create energy from different sources. But however we slice and dice it, it's main source of energy is Glucose. We need it and it is vital for our bodies to operate, without a steady supply of Glucose we CANNOT live.

The easiest source to get Glucose is from Carbohydrates, which are easily broken down into Glucose. Sugars, Breads, Starch, grains, noodles.... all that easy to digest and ready to be broken down into this vital fuel. Glucose we don't use gets transformed into Glycogen and can be stored in the liver and your muscle tissue. Ready to use when we have the need for it, for example during workouts, hard work etc.

A normal Human will deplete Glycogen Storage within about 24 hours, faster during hard and prolonged exercise. If then it is not fed any Carbohydrates, the body will have to start making energy from other sources.... namely stored fat. This process is called Ketosis.

Ketosis is a natural process, if there is not enough glucose to meet the demand, the body will then adapt and find an alternative source in order to meet the demand. Specifically the body begins to break down fat stores to provide glucose from triglycerides.  This process produces Ketones as a by-product.

Ketones are acids that build up in the blood and are usually eliminated in urine. In small amounts they serve to indicate that the body is breaking down fat, but high levels should be avoided, as they can poison the body and lead to Ketoacidosis.

Research shows that a good level of  Ketones to stay in nutritional ketosis is defined as blood ketones ranging from 0.5 - 3.0 mmol/l, and measuring blood ketones is more accurate than what you could do with urine strips. But I'm giving you both options below, all you do is click on the image all the way at the end of the post to order.

When you start out on your Keto Journey, it is important to be prepared, make a list of keto-friendly foods you love to eat, eliminate temptations, like candy, cookies, chips (I'm not saying you can't ever eat a slice of cake again, because who wants to live without cake), but transforming your life is easier when you're not constantly tempted. Don't fret though you still get to eat lots of yummy stuff, like grilled fish and veggies and  even desert like Cheesecake!

Get into a supportive group like Simple.Proven.Results on Facebook, to check out the results people have, get support and recipe ideas, learn about a great supplement that will help you get into ketosis or start a Keto Reboot with me.

Our Reboot takes place once a month, the community as a whole starts at the same day, and we all support each other during this 60 hour Keto Reboot. You can purchase your kit on my website

Keto Reboot System

If you like to be added to Simple.Proven.Results please send me a message on FB @ktootlepizka or Instagram @KateNice67.

Now get started on getting healthy what are you waiting for.....

Below are your options for either a Keto Blood Meter or Keto Test Strips. Like I said the Blood Test is more accurate, but personally I don't like to poke myself, so I use strips.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Give Dad some Pampering for Father's Day!

Need a quick gift for Father's Day and Dad has everything? Dad works hard and his hands are rough, he needs a good long refreshing Shower? Give him the gift of Pampering!

Perfectly Posh just released two new products for the man in your life!

 "Chilly Willie" is a super refreshing body scrub, with the scents of Menthol, Bergamot and Sandalwood, bursts on his skin in the shower and cools after a long day out in the sun or a strenuous workout. A gentle scrub with its Bali Sea Salt gets rid of those dead skin cells and softens rough patches.  Witch Hazel calms the skin and gets rid of impurities and the man of your life comes out of the shower refreshed and squeaky clean!

Now those Hands...Calluses from lots of manual work or lifting weights? Now we know us girls love our hand creams but here's one new just for the man in your life (of course you'll love it too, just like all of our Big Fat Yummy Hand Creams), but this one is industrial strength for the harshest of conditions and the roughest of hands. 

Concentrated Shea Butter from our "Shea Sisterhood Suppliers" sinks into skin and nourishes, Hops, yes you heard that right, it's not only for beer, it soothes and comforts rough and irritated skin, Basil is in it to condition and Birch Sap quenches thirsty skin and nourishes with essential minerals and vitamins. This non greasy formula is made without parabens, skins in super quick to let you get back to work in no time and best of all it's VEGAN.

Both items priced under $20, make an excellent gift for Dad or any other man in your life.  You can find them in my Posh Store .

Saturday, May 4, 2019


As a Disclaimer, I am not the writer of the below Article, it has been written by another rescue. But it applies to us at The Golden Carrot as well. We are not all equal, that's why Donors have to make informed decisions. Ask Questions, do a little digging on the Charity.

For us at The Golden Carrot things are even harder. We don't adopt out, we take in the old, the injured and the unrideable ones, they might have emotional scars or physical ones, when they come to us they stay as long as they are alive. That makes donations so much more important? Will you help us with 


All rescues are not created equal.
There has been a trend, that we've discussed, toward a new model of rescue where the rescue retains some level of control over their adopted horse for a finite period of time and then withdraws it, leaving the adopter free to do whatever they wish with that horse, including breeding it, selling it at auction, sending it to kill because they are angry with it, you name it.
And of course the world is chock full of feedlot rescues where there is no contract at all and the adopter can immediately do whatever they want with the horse. Or there's a contract, but no enforcement, so basically - no contract.
Those of us who are committed to doing things the old fashioned way - a contract that binds the adopter for the life of the horse to providing proper care, not breeding, and returning the horse to the rescue if it does not work out - will now be using the hashtag #SafetyForever so that adopters and donors know where we stand. We are rescues that are committed to doing everything in our power to keep our horses safe for LIFE, not for as long as they are a hot topic on Facebook.
This does not mean that we might not fail sometimes - it means that we promise to make our absolute best efforts to ensure safety. It means we put equine safety above getting an adoption fee or being able to show X number of adoptions. It means we are fine with a horse being with us for years if that is what it takes to find the right person. Or for the rest of their life.
#SafetyForever - a promise we make to our horses, and to you, our donors and supporters. Please share and spread the word!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Easy Delicious and Nutritious Banana Bread

So there is someone in this household that always asks for Bananas..... and it then drives me Nuts (or Bananas) that this same person won't eat them. But I love baking so the best option is making Banana Bread. 

I went to find a basic cake recipe and then modified it the way I like it and also trying to make it a bit healthier. So here it goes:

You will need:
4 ripe bananas,
2 table spoons raw Cocoa Nibs (
2 tablespoons Easy Cook Oats
2 tablespoons chopped nuts (I used Walnuts)
2 tablespoons slivered Almonds (extra for the top)

115 gram /1 stick melted Butter 
150 gram Brown Sugar (white will work too)
2 large eggs
200 grams Flour (substitute from sweet rice flower, from
1 teaspoon Baking Soda

PreHeat the oven to 350 FH / 180 Centigrade
Butter a Loaf Pan 8.5 by 4.25 (or similar)

In a bowl mash the ripe bananas (I just used the mixer),
add the sugar and the eggs and beat until nicely incorporated
add the melted Butter and the dry ingredients
(I do this a little at the time)
Mix until all is well combined, make sure you don't beat it to death,
that will make the bread all gummy.

Fill the batter in the prepared LoafPan and sprinkle some Almonds on top, 
then bake for about 60 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.

Remove from the oven and let cool. Or eat a warm piece! 

Super yummy any time of the day! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019