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Petite Indulgence

The concept behind Petite-Indulgence is easy, everyone loves desserts, cakes, pies and other sweet things, but we also watch our diets, eat health conscious, work out and don't want to overload our senses with too much sugar, too large a portion or too many calories. Petite-Indulgence was conceived out of the fact that a little bit of dessert hasn't hurt anyone, that everything in moderation is a good thing and that 

...... you can always just be a little bit bad ......

and enjoy a small dessert, that's just enough for a couple of bites, but won't ruin your diet completely and doesn't leave you with a heavy lump in your stomach.

Petite-Indulgence desserts are exceptionally light, with a flavorful crunchy crust and always prepared with fresh seasonal fruit and a big helping of love and inspiration.

Current flavors available are:

Pina Colada (Coconut with Pineapple Coulis)
Double Chocolate Raspberry
Caramel Frappuccino
Peppermint with Chocolate
Plain with seasonal fruit
Peanut Butter and Jelly

All flavors can be ordered with a gluten free crust as well.

Petite Indulgence Mini Cheesecakes will be available sampled at Harold and Belle's this week. So come and check out their delicious food and ask for a sweet treat in form of our mini cheesecakes. Petite Indulgence you can always  be.... just a little bit bad!

Please keep checking back for new flavors and email us for details on how to order and prices

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