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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hiking at Arches National Park, Moab UT

Every year I meet my Mom in Moab, UT for Jeep Week. As it so happens it's always around Easter and the weather is just perfect for hiking. We try different trails in Arches National Park every year and it is just impressive, beautiful and awe inspiring every time. To the left a picture I took as we were approaching Delicate Arch, probably the most well known arch in the park. Seen on many advertising posters. It is well worth the hike to see this magnificent monument of nature.
If you want to hike there yourself, just make sure you start early in the morning and bring lots of water, it can get incredibly hot once the sun comes out. You can reach the Arch by coming in on the right side of the arch, if you want to avoid climbing along the steep bowl, or you can use a small path, leaning on the rock to inch your way over to the Arch, there are some flatter areas, great to sit, enjoy the sights and have a hearty lunch. Oh and do take pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

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