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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why now.....

well why not. I've been thinking about keeping track of the things I cook for a while, and my husband begs me to write down my recipes, so I can recreate the things I make. Well then I thought I should try a blog so I can share what he loves with other people that might want to recreate the stuff I come up with.
There once was a time I wanted to go to Culinary School, however the dream was cut short mainly because of the fact that I had no way to support myself while going to school at the same time, so now cooking is a hobby. Many people prefer one or the other, cooking or baking, I love both equally, especially when I can either find an old family recipe or I can adapt one I found online.
I have only a small collection of cookbooks, of which I only use a few now and then, often changing a thing or two to personalize it to my liking. I love my "Betty Bossi" books of which I have about 12 or so. Finally they have come out with one in English so my hubby can read the recipes too... Often times it was quite difficult to explain some of the typically Swiss dishes to him. 
In cooking following exact measurements isn't as essential as in baking, you can always additional vegetables to a dish, butter to a sauce or an additional pinch of salt, but in baking measuring is crucial, not enough yeast and your bread won't rise, not enough egg whites and a sponge cake won't be a cake. Hopefully I can keep the disasters at a minimum. And now... Happy Cooking, Baking and Eating.

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