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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Blues BBQ

BEST BBQ in LA! Hands down! Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice is the place to eat BBQ on the Westside. We do go there ALL the time and never ate anything we didn't love. Everything they have on the menu is fantastic. It's hard to choose really, so I just tell you what I like the most, eat the most and can't have enough of.

Usually we start out with the "Suicide King", which consist of a base of delicious homemade cornbread, topped with coleslaw and shrimp grilled to perfection and some kind of secret sauce. OMG! Delicious! You try it once and you are hooked.

My Favorite the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich! The crunchy toasted bun it comes on, is loaded up with fresh pulled pork and coleslaw, oh and you get a nice big pickle with it too. Use some of the infused vinegar you find on the tables to drizzle on your sammie and if you like it HOT, use their XXX sauce. Your taste buds will thank you!

The Baby Backs oh WOW! Can't go wrong with those, so tender they practically fall of the bone. And ten they also have Beef Ribs, for all those that don't eat pork or just love beef. They are huge, I'm not kidding either. It's really hard to not order the whole menu.

If you want sides.... The Mac'nCheese is heavenly! Nice creamy, cheesy, gooey deliciousness!

There are lunch specials starting at $10 during weekdays, but even when coming on weekends, it won't break your bank to eat there. Best BBQ on the Westside for a price that can fit in anyones budget!

Look just go to Baby Blues BBQ, try it and fall in love with the place and thank me later!

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