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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Horsing Around in L.A.

So you've seen that I have a new found love for horseback riding and the place I go to is Griffith Park Horse Rentals . It is, in my opinion, the best place to go riding in LA, obviously there are other places, but I just fell in love with the place.

Julie and her staff are super nice and pay close attention to who should be riding which horse, so you'll be given an animal companion that matches your riding level. Everyone is welcome, children under 7 can enjoy a hand led pony or horse ride, once they're 7 they can go on the trail with the rest of us. Helmets are mandatory for the little ones.

Griffith Park Horse Rentals  is open 7 days a week, rain or shine and first rides go out at about 9 am, the last one at about 5 pm. Please check out their website for special rides, like the Dinner Ride, or after hour rides with a private guide.You don't have to make reservations, just show up and be ready to go.  Large groups should make reservations.

There are horses of every size, ability and age. They all are happy, gentle horses and they love it when you bring them carrots.

If you'd like to get lessons or want to refresh your skills, Alexis is your woman, she's great with kids and adults alike, has lots of experience and knows what's to know about horses. Just call the stable and they will be able to book a lesson for you.

Oh and if you see me mucking out the stalls or picking up a brush to give a little love to a horse, don't be surprised.

I hope I see you  there!

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