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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A failed attempt at gluten-free Applestrudel

so yesterday I decided I wanted to make Applestrudel, because I haven't had it in a very long time and I had some extra apples. I was torn in between making the strudel or trying another cake with loads of apples in it.... baked apples, sugar and cinnamon.... oh my I could almost smell it.

I set out to make try and just use buckwheat flour for the dough, thought I might just be able to get away with it.. but yeah, NOT so MUCH! The color of the moistened flour already kind of threw me off.... it looked like mud, not good, but hey I kept on going, got it done and while the dough rested I sliced my apples and prepared the rest.

After letting the dough sit for 30 minutes, I rolled it out very thinly on a floured kitchen towel.. that's where the problems started... I could tell there was no way I would be able to stretch out the dough as thin as it needed to be. I guess the missing gluten does a job on the elasticity on the dough.

I rolled it as thin as I could and filled it... not to bad, but then it just started breaking everywhere... Totally uncool of the dough.. not what I wanted at ALL.

what a mess.. dough breaking

Anyhow, I baked the thing and it actually tasted pretty good... the house smelled delicious, but yeah it was UGLY.. not appetizing to look at. Complete fail on the buckwheat dough for strudel, not going to happen.

Not to worry though... I'll try to do a traditional strudel next and save my gluten free flours for other stuff. Might try again with sweet rice flour and then add some xanthan gum to replace the gluten... maybe that'll work..

In the meantime, I'll eat my baked apple mess, still tastes good .

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