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Monday, April 4, 2011

All the Pretty Horses

Chloe our Haflinger, she's a bit bouncy but still a fun ride. Somtimes we give her a little ponytail in the front, cause she has such a nice mane. And just because she's a bit smaller doesn't mean she doesn't have spunk. If anyone tries to get at her hay, she'll make it know that it;s hers

Isadora "Izzy" is the newest addition to the stable a beautiful Percheron mare. I rode her last Saturday and it was quite nice being on such a big horse. he's still a bit stubborn and getting used to her new home, but she'll be just fine.

And then there is Zeppelin, everyone knows he's my favorite. He gets spoiled with cookies, apples, new blankets and other stuff. He's a very smart cookie!

UPDATE: I told you Zeppelin was a smart horse and now to prove it he managed a little trick. Low and behold he took off his bridle! There I was tying him up to help one of our guests with her horse Captain, I turn around and BAM! Horse on the loose...... My baby stuck his head under the fence, hooked the bridle and pulled it over his ears. After that he had a little fun, stretching his legs, jumping a bit and playing cat and mouse!  I let him enjoy his freedom for a few minutes, then called him and he came right over. Good Boy came back to Mama!

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