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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Venturing into Art

Well.... I admit, I get bored easily and switch back and forth with cooking, baking, sports and all that other great stuff, but recently I felt like I was lacking in the creative department. So I said to myself... come on do something! And so I went out and got some supplies...

Like plain stretched canvas, gold leaf, modge podge, paper, paint, glue, ornaments, studs and ribbone, not necessarily in that order.....

And this is what I did with it!
"ChiFriends" 16 x 20 Mixed Media $59.00 plus s & h
The Chihuaha's have been finished today and are ready to ship at any time. Mixed Media on stretched canvas, 16 x 20 inches! One of a kind! $59.00 plus s & h

"Dobie" Mixed Media 12 x 16 SOLD
The Doberman Portrait is 12 x 16 inches and has been SOLD! Please contact me of any custom pieces! I will continue to make pieces in different colors and of different breeds!

Any feedback or special requests are welcome! Part of proceeds will be donated to Animal Rescue!

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