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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Annual Easter Get Away, this year Durango Colorado

Every year around Easter time, I get a little get away at the courtesy of my Mom Chris and her generous husband Stefan. They spend some time in Moab, UT each year for Jeep Week and I get to either join them for a few days there or, like this year, we're going somewhere else to explore different things.

The choice this year was Durango, CO after we had to abandon the idea of going to Yellowstone, as the park is pretty much closed from mid March to the end of April for repairs and to prepare it for the summer season. So we were looking at other places to go and someone told us to check out Durango, a beautiful old school Western Town up in the Rockies. What a good choice! The town is very pretty, hospitable, the people are friendly and the restaurants were EXCELLENT. For a town that small, the culinary offerings are spectacular.

I'm going to tell you about all the places we ate and what I liked most about each restaurant. There were so many to chose from. So many were highly recommended but we only had 4 nights for dinner so we had to chose a few.

Ken & Sue's, Mutu's, Francisco's and Serious Texas BBQ were our choices. All great, all different and all being reviewed a bit in the following posts.

Oh don't let me forget, my mom brought me an old school meat grinder, so I think I'm soon gonna try what I can do with that toy.

We did different things each day and as soon as I have all my pictures downloaded and caught up on my sleep, I don't do so good after only a few hours and a plain ride. I'll get back to this blog and let you all in on my Easter Trip to Durango.

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